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SPRO (4846) - više boja dostupno

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Cijena od:  93,00 kn

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TEŽINA. 16gr

MODEL: slow-sinking

One of the features that make this a unique bait is the ‘Rambo-knife’- like protrusions on the bottom of the lure. These cause extremely tantalizing swirls that cause predators to be on edge en get irritated; they are ready to strike at whatever comes near! Another important feature is that these lures are mounted with original Gamakatsu Treble-13 hooks.      This new Devil has proven to be deadly bait for Pike, Zander, Perch and Asp; especially when you need to fish in shallow waters or simply right below the surface. This makes it an ideal lure for canals and polders too. Thanks to the special shape and size, this lure catches fish when all others fail. Test results showed a lot of big fish fell for the 'Baby Triple'.      Even on "languid" warm days, the Triple Devils distinguish themselves from the rest simply by the rate of catching fish versus other more conventional lures. The extremely loud rattle is the icing on the cake! The Baby Triple Devil is designed to cast with light tackle. It casts straight and accurate. Thanks to the small size it is an unsuspected lure for many, and big, pike and zander. It is the ideal to slowly fish above the plans, triggering big fish to strike.     

This swimbait comes with two eye-lets; one on top of the head and one of the nose so it offers a very versatile way of fishing. Slow Sinking – ideal for casting and trolling – runs up to 1 meter deep using the eye-let on the top and shallower when using the nose eye-let.