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GAMAKATSU - više veličina dostupno

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Cijena od:  31,00 kn

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Cijena od:  31,00 kn

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Udica namijenjena za ribolov šarana i amura. 10 komada u pakiranju.

A great claw hook that offer factastic hooking characteristics thanks to the ultra thin and super Sharp point and its 15-degrees in-turned eye. The wide gape allows this hook to hold better, even under heavy pressure. The in-turned curved point also offers major advantages on a bumby bottom; these hooks remain sharper longer than hooks with a straight point because they are protected better against ie. stones and rocks. The special ‘flat forged curved shank’ gives it extra strength and power. Specialist ‘R hooks are ideal for River fishing or for fishing on waters where a lot of pressure needs to be put on the fish after it is hooked. Thereby this is the ideal hook shape for when fish have a softer mouth such as in the summer with higher water temperatures!

Tip: by using this hook in a line-aligner set-up it will hook faster.